Policies for LCE Online Instrument Lessons

Absences from lessons will be excused and a make-up lesson will be scheduled with no additional charge for the following reasons only:

  • School cancellation
  • Teacher Absence
  • Conflict with a required school event with advance notification to the teacher

In addition to the above situations, students may take one personal excused absence, when the teacher is notified 24 hours in advance, if possible. The above reasons are the only permissible ones for which a teacher will make-up a lesson missed by the student. Lessons missed due to forgetfulness, transportation difficulties, doctor’s appointments, sport’s conflicts, etc, are not excused and will not be made up. Absences involving a major injury to a student or a prolonged illness will be treated with compassion and discretion by the teacher. The teachers are consummate professionals and with proper advance notification they will try to accommodate student schedule changes as their own time permits.

Teachers are expected to deliver approximately sixteen lessons during the Fall and Winter/Spring semesters. It is understood that it is not always possible for a teacher to provide all the full complement of lessons per semester owing to unforeseen circumstances: however, all teachers adhere as closely as possible to this expectation in order to maintain the musical progress of their students. Lessons not given by the teacher, due to teacher illness, professional conflicts, etc. are usually rescheduled by the end of the semester. If a lesson missed due to teacher absence is not made up by the end of the semester, the cost will be credited to the next semester or refunded.

Withdrawal from the Program
Students may withdraw from the program only at the end of a semester. Students who withdraw because of an incapacitating injury or illness may request a refund of unused tuition (instructional portion). Otherwise there will be no refunds issued after the second lesson of the semester.

Class Schedule
There are two semesters per year: fall and spring. Each semester consists of approximately 16 lessons. Students may register for the entire 16 lesson semester.

Lexington Community Education administers the music instrument lesson program and charges an annual registration fee per student. Please direct all questions pertaining to registration to LCE@lexingtonma.org.