Reflecting the Self Through Image and Memories WITH SUNG JI LEE

Past Event

Memories reflect the way we perceive the world. We each remember in different ways during different life stages, making each individual’s memories unique. After experiencing major transitions in her personal life, South Korean born artist Sung Ji Lee discovered an unbearable distance between her perceptions and her memories, which she would not have noticed so dramatically if her life had changed gradually over time. The distance between past, present, people, culture, and continents strongly stirred emotions and left the artist both perplexed and compelled to create art that connects. In her work, Sung Ji purposely recollects her old memories in order to cope with the ambiguity and discomfort which continues to circulate around her. Through her artistic process and pedagogy Sung Ji tries to find a way to harmonize self and scattered memories. By using the medium of thread and clay, she synthesizes memories across time to make them live again – no longer ambiguous, but articulated in tangible and visible forms.

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