The Brain, the Mind, and Everything Else WITH CARA BEAN

Past Event

Join author-illustrator and former Lexington High School educator Cara Bean for this presentation about how an LHS seminar about mental health spawned a five-year creative journey in making a mental health graphic novel for youth. Her first book for adolescents, Here I Am, I Am Me: An Illustrated Guide to Mental Health is a a full-color graphic novel-style adventure through the brain that demystifies and de-stigmatizes emotional and mental health for children ages 12 and up. Without talking down to its readers, Here I Am, I Am Me doesn’t pretend that teens are immune to mental health struggles and masterfully discusses difficult and crucial topics while equipping readers with mindfulness tips, specific resources, and empathetic affirmations. Readers will learn to de-stigmatize the conversation around mental health by reframing their thinking; learning how to use conscious language, and helping themselves and others through mental health dilemmas.

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