From 34 to 43: Missing Pages & Mindfulness (the long and short of it)

Not long ago our Stress Less: Learn to Meditate instructor Richard Geller called the office to tell me that the LCE course catalog he received in the mail seemed to be missing eight pages from the back. I explained how devastated we were when we discovered this, and that the printing company we use has had a very difficult time due to COVID. In fact, the pro person who usually runs the press was out with COVID during the time our catalog was printed. In his calm way, born of years of meditation and mindfulness, Richard put things into perspective and encouraged me that things would be ok…and that it could be worse. Richard’s class was supposed to be listed on one of the missing pages.
Below is a list with links to the other wonderful classes that were left out of the print catalog but that can be found in our PDF and website:

Paper Window Stars

As you can imagine, a lot of hard work and good faith goes into making these catalogs and we apologize for the confusion caused by this printing issue. We thank you for your understanding and continued support.
Craig Hall
Director, Lexington Community Education
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