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Winter 2023

Checkout our Winter 2023 classes. The Winter Term will run from January 17th through March 17th.

Day Of WeekStart DateCategoriesNameStart TimeInstructor NamePriceBuyhf:categories
Friday7/14/2023, Charcoal and Pastel Studio - Summer3:30 PMAlma Bella Solis$200.00fine-fabric-graphic-arts summer
Monday3/20/23, , Five Techniques for Deeper Sleep7:00pmRick Clerici$35.00
family-home-travel mind-body winter-class
Saturday03/04/23, , , , , Winter Farm to Table Brunch9:00 AMCodman Farms Staff$55.00around-town cooking creating-community family-home-travel weekend-classes-events winter-class
Thursday3/9/2023, Learn Guitar in the Style You Want to Play - March6:30 PMRobert Butler$110.00$120.00music-performance winter-class
Thursday6/29/2023, , How Stoicism Can Help Us Flourish in an Age of Anxiety - Summer7:30 PMRonald Pies, MD$25.00humanities mind-body summer
Thursday7/13/2023, Beyond the Basics in Acrylic Painting - Summer10:00 AMDonna Calleja$140.00$155.00fine-fabric-graphic-arts summer
Tuesday03/21/23, Math SAT Prep (for May/June Exam)6:00 pmChris Doucette$200.00
spring test-preparation-college-planning
Tuesday03/28/23, Plant Flavonoids as Protective Ninja Molecules7:00 PMJohn Chamberlain$25.00
mind-body winter-class
Tuesday04/11/23, Street Food of India6:00 pmShruti Metha$45.00cooking winter-class
Tuesday7/11/2023, Introduction to Acrylic Painting - Summer10:00 AMDonna Calleja$140.00$155.00fine-fabric-graphic-arts summer
Tuesday8/1/2023, Introduction to Metalsmithing - Summer18:30Karenna Maraj$150.00
fine-fabric-graphic-arts summer
Tuesday4/18/2023, , Intermediate Spanish6:30 PMSherry Eggers$140.00$155.00esl-languages spanish spring
Wednesday3/22/2023, , Understanding Medicare-Mar7:00 PMDan Williams$35.00
business-career-finance family-home-travel winter-class
Wednesday4/12/2023, The Music of Mozart and Beethoven7:00 pmBrian M. O’Connell$100.00$110.00music-appreciation spring
Wednesday4/12/2023, Memoir Writing4:00 PMTom Daley$185.00$220.00spring writing
Wednesday7/12/2023, Oil Pastel Art Studio - Summer3:45 PMAlma Bella Solis$200.00fine-fabric-graphic-arts summer
Wednesday7/5/2023, Ukrainian Pysanky Art Club - July5:30 PMAlona Popova$30.00
fine-fabric-graphic-arts summer
Wednesday8/2/2023, Ukrainian Pysanky Art Club - August5:30 PMAlona Popova$30.00
fine-fabric-graphic-arts summer