Lexington Community Education
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-John Abercrombie

Start Date:Thursday, January 18 (6 meetings)Location: LCE Conference Room
Instructor: Robert Butler Meeting Time: 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Tuition: $65($55 for seniors)Status: Cancelled

This workshop begins with detailed class demonstrations in the diverse techniques of Classical and Fingerstyle guitar. Each class also includes individual instruction addressing your specific goals in a relaxed setting. Right hand finger and flat pick styles are included with both tablature and traditional manuscript charts and scores provided by Mr. Butler.
You need not be an advanced player in order to develop your guitar skills with these sessions.
We will listen to recordings of the masters of the acoustic guitar which illustrate the application of melodic scales, bass lines, composition, music theory and chordal harmony. Hour number two will feature an open improv class ensemble based on a wide variety of of pieces including: Renaissance, Baroque, Romantic and the Modern period. For this improv, you will be given a part commensurate with your abilities . From novice through to advanced levels, everyone will be made to feel welcome to join in.

Robert Butler has been a teacher in the Lincoln Schools for 22 years.