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Steering Our Teens In The Right Direction (PANN)
Start Date:Thursday, February 1 (1 meetings)Location: 224, LHS
Instructor: Anna Sabatino Meeting Time: 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Tuition: $10($10 for seniors)Status: Running/Still Openings

As parents we all know that the journey of raising teens can seem like a long and bumpy road. Experts say that teenagers need as much care, attention, and guidance as toddlers do. Through her years of experience as a life-coach, driver education instructor, and parent, Anna Sabatino has successfully coached countless teenagers through the twists and turns of life. By teaching critical thinking skills, goal setting, and problem solving on the fly, Anna has provided guidance and know-how to teenagers that has helped them set a course to reach their dreams. This evening, she will share some of her practical insights, provide encouragement, and yes, even issue a few warnings to parents based on her experience working and teaching teens both how to drive, and how to make critical and healthy decisions for over 12 years.