Lexington Community Education
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-William Stafford
Gym brainy (1BRAIN)
Dates:Monday, July 3 - Friday, July 7Location: Harr Gym
Instructor: Mike GloorGrade Levels: 4 - 6
Status: FullTuition: $235
About the instructor:
Mr. Gloor teaches physical education at Bowman School and is also a Licensed Athletic Trainer for LHS. He has taught in the Lexington Public Schools for the past fifteen years and in the Newton schools for eight years prior to that. He is quite interested in the working relationship between mind and body. Some resources he likes are Jean Blaydes, Learning Through Movement; A BrainGym course and a program called Bal-A-Vis-X. Since current research clearly shows that physical fitness and body movement play a big role in successful cognitive functioning, he seeks to enhance this synergy in children through the GymBrainy class at Lexplorations.