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“It’s the poet’s job to figure out what’s happening within oneself, to figure out the connection between the self and the world, and to get it down in words that have a certain shape, that have a chance of lasting.”
-Galway Kinnell (1927-2014)
Code Breakers (3CODE)
Dates:Monday, July 17 - Friday, July 21Location: Harrington 221
Instructor: Harold WildeGrade Levels: 3 - 4
Status: FullTuition: $290
Humans have used secret codes for private communications for thousands of years. Learn the logic behind creating codes, techniques to decipher them, and how to invent your own private code. You will even try your hand at Braille, learn some sign language, and write in invisible ink. There are so many ways to communicate including pictographs, Morse code, spoken language, and number codes. You will try brainteasers, treasure hunts, code-breaking, and code-making! Histay lasscay illway ebay unfay orfay ouyay andway ouryay riendsfay!
Sonny Wilde is a fourth grade teacher at the Fiske School.
About the instructor:
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