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Math Puzzles, Riddles & Fun (3PUZZ)
Dates:Monday, July 17 - Friday, July 21Location: Harrington
Instructor: Rebecca DeSantisGrade Levels: 4 - 5
Status: FullTuition: $290
Intriguing Math Puzzles, Riddles, & Fun await! This week is packed with entertaining and creative math tasks for us to solve together! Solve puzzling riddles, notice perplexing number patterns, ponder over math tricks, play games like Yahtzee, that require reasoning and strategy, and enjoy other tasks that will have you out of your seats and up on your feet. Each day will incorporate team-building exercises and intriguing math puzzles to help you see the fun and beauty in mathematics, and the importance of teamwork! Rebecca DeSantis is a K-5 Mathematics Specialist at the Hastings School.
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