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How Medicare Works: An Introduction for Boomers (BMED)
Start Date:Tuesday, March 6 (2 meetings)Location: LHS, 224
Instructor: Arthur Budnik Meeting Time: 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Tuition: $25($25 for seniors)Status: Running/Still Openings

In this class we will demystify Medicare and teach “Boomers” what Medicare is and how it really works in Massachusetts. Many  60 somethings have no idea about all the parts of Medicare or what it may mean to them. They are not aware of actions they should take, responsibilities they have in the process or when, where and how they should enroll for different parts of Medicare. We will answer questions like: How can I get my Medicare coverage? Do I need to do anything if I work beyond 65? What do I pay? What does Medicare cover? Can I have other types of health coverage? Can I keep my “Massachusetts Health Connector Plan” when I’m eligible for Medicare? When can I make changes to my coverage? What does Medicare Part A, B, C or D mean for you? The first session will focus on an overview of Medicare, while the second will review prescription drug coverage with ample time each night for general questions. 

This class will be led by the Minuteman Senior Services SHINE Program, (Serving the Health Insurance Needs of Everyone – on Medicare), in partnership with the state SHINE program at the Executive Office of Elder Affairs.  SHINE provides unbiased information to Medicare recipients of all ages. 
Art Budnik  is Assistant SHINE Program Manager and has been with the Minuteman Senior Services SHINE Program since 2010. He is retired from a career in business application software development and holds a Master degree in Economics. Art has been a guest speaker on Medicare topics at the Lexington Council on Aging and all COAs within the Minuteman Senior Services catchment area. He was honored in Washington D.C. for winning the Silver MetLife Foundation and n4a Older Volunteers Enrich America Award in 2011. Art does do counselor certification training for SHINE.